SHIVAKALALAYAM - School of Fine Arts was established by Guru Shri.S. Shivakumar on 14th July 1996, with an ambition to impart training to poor, interested and talented children in fine arts, with a focus on Bharathanatyam. On 5th Nov 1998, this institution has been registered as School of Fine Arts, under The Tamilnadu Government Society Act in Chennai. Since the focus of teaching is towards the ancient performing art forms of India, this school has got into a new dimension and therefore even called as Shivakalalayam Academy of Indian Performing Arts (SAIPA).

Through this academy Shivakumar and his wife Sailaja train many budding artists in India and abroad, who are themselves earning acclaim. The academy emphasises adherence to the classicism of Bharathanatyam, ensuring training with a strong foundation firmly rooted in tradition. In order to motivate, train and promote many professionals in this sacred field, our curriculum offers other special courses like Bharathanatyam,Nattuvangam,Mohini Attam,Choreographing,Yoga,Vocal music,Folk Dance,Kalaripayattu (Kerala Marshal Arts) &Other dance related activities.


Shivakalalayam has produced many dance ballets like Veeramangai Velu Nachiyar, Thiruvasaga Bharatha Paamalai, Thanthondri Perumal Vaibhavam - The Sthala Puranam of Karur Sri Thanthondri Perumal Temple, Thulasi - Portrayal of Vishnu Avatars, Shiva Leela, Koothum Paattum, Kathamba Malai, Ramakrishna Charitham, Vande Mataram, Hari Hara Sudhan, Panchali Sabatham, Dasa Avatharam, Shiva Thandavam and Sange Muzhangu. Many arengetrams, solo and group performances are being conducted and the students have received public and press appreciation. Artists of Shivakalalayam has performed Solo, Duet & Groups in Bharathanatyam, Folk dance and thematic dance presentations to the public, corporate organizations in India and abroad. Shivakalalayam has also conducted numerous dance workshops & lecture demonstrations in the prestigious Sabhas & Temples. Intensive training, individual attention, perfection and quality are the cornerstones of success of this institution. After the successful completion of a decade, Shivakalalayam continues to scale heights with high standards and achievements. The academy continues to strive hard to bring this sacred art form Bharathanatyam into international limelight in a new dimension.




  • Bharathanatyam,
  • Nattuvangam,
  • Mohini Attam,
  • Choreographing,
  • Vocal music,
  • Folk Dance,
  • Other dance related activities.


With the blessings of our Parents, Gurus and Almighty, we are happy to inform the receiptance of the HONORARY DOCTORATE from the International Tamil University.

Humble pranams to my beloved GURUS, Smt. Chandra Dandayuthapani pillai, Shri M.V.Narasimhachari, Smt.Vasanthalakshmi, Bhagavatulu Shri.Seetharama Sharma for Nattuvangam, Shri.K.N.Dakshinamurthy Pillai, Smt.Usha Srinivasan, Smt. Malathi Srinivasan, Shri. Vairamangalam Lakshmi Narayanan & Smt.Jayalakshmi for Vocal.

My pranams to the Senior most Gurus Dr.Padma Subrahmanyam, Dr.Vyjayanthi Mala Bali, Smt.Indira Rajan, Ms.Radha, Dr.Nandhini Ramani and all with whom I have worked for various dance productions.

I extend my sincere thanks to all other respected beloved GURUS / DANCERS, who have guided me in my Bharathanatyam Journey for the past 40years.

At this juncture, I am happy to inform that -

  • Bharathanatyam,
  • I have started my Bharathanatyam performance journey from April 1986, through a Tamilnadu Government's " Chithirai Porutkatchi Trade Fair Program" in Madurai Thamukkam Maidhanam, under the guidance of my first Guru.Smt. Chandra Dandayuthapani Pillai from Natyakalalayam. This year is my 35th year of performance in the Sacred Art field Bharathanatyam. ,
  • My wife dancer Sailaja, started her first performance through Tamilnadu Government's Chennai Trade Fair Festival program during March 1991, under the guidance of her first Guru.Ms.R.Padma. This year is Sailaja's 30th year of dancing in the Bharathanatyam field.
  • Our Institution Shivakalalayam Academy was started on July 14th 1996 on the birth date of my Manaseega Guru, Padmashree Natyakala Chakravarthy K.N.Dandayuthapani Pillai. This year is our Shivakalalayam Academy's 25th Anniversary, Silver Jubilee year.
  • As couple dancers we have commenced our performance from Sep 2004 through our 3month's U.S.tour for a dance production called Gajamukha, under the guidance of U.S.A.Portland based dancer Smt.Jayanthi Raman. This year is our 17th year of Couple Dancing.
  • The Honorary Doctorate is given, appreciating our free service in teaching Bharatanatyam to financially poor students and Transgenders.

We Seek all your wishes to work more and more in this divine art form Bharathanatyam.